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Williams %R – The BigTrends Way: 3 DVD Course

expert-price-headley-150x150This technique has helped countless BigTrends students make tens of thousands of dollars trading stocks and options. Let me share this amazing story with you now:

Hi Fellow Trader,

A coaching student of mine recently informed me that he made a profit of nearly $17,000 in his personal portfolios during a single quarter from a single technique that I taught him in one of my coaching classes. This is a technique so powerful that myself and my top students have used it to make tens of thousands of dollars by trading the stock markets, options markets, and even the currency markets.

This one technique is my Williams %R – The BigTrends Way. My version of Larry Williams %R indicator is unique, and top secret only available to BigTrends clients.

You may have heard of Williams %R in the past. It was created as a momentum indicator that measures overbought and oversold levels similar to a stochastic oscillator. The %R indicator is used to determine market entry and exit points in a non-trending market.

However, I recommend using %R in a completely different way than originally intended by Larry Williams the creator of Williams %R. Through intense study and testing, I have created a method for trading using %R that is more powerful than any other technique that I have ever seen.

You’ll not only see quick results from the %R DVD course but you’ll also learn techniques you can use no matter what you trade, options, stocks, currencies. Whatever you feel most comfortable trading, you can now trade even better with Williams %R – The BigTrends Way!

Trade Well,
Price Headley, CFA, CMT

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I liked especially your narrative. The examples you chose to emphasize certain aspects are well done. It was well organized, actually quite complete. It sure has helped my trading results. I don’t do options, but just trading ETFs and high momentum stocks are much easier now. I agree that if one had only one indicator, %R is it.”

Bob K.

“Mr. Headley is not only knowledgeable, he’s a super good teacher. Next to price and volume, %R has become my most valuable and useful indicator. It sure has helped avoid “headfakes” in this very volatile, choppy market. I get much better results than with Stochastics and RSI. Using %R the BigTrends way is making me a better trader.”

Christie A.

  • Introduction
  • Percent R Rules – Bullish Confirmation/Retest
  • Percent R Rules – Bearish Confirmation/Retest
  • Examples & Knowledge Check Quiz
  • Percent R Q&A
  • More Percent R Examples – Turning Ideas into Action
  • Percent R “Bend But Don’t Break” Filter (from an actual Price Headley Coaching session)
  • Percent R Q&A
  • More Percent R Examples – Turning Ideas into Action
  • Multiple Time Frames with Percent R (from an actual Price Headley Coaching session)

5 Reasons To Own Williams %R – The BigTrends Way:

1. Knowledge is Power

When you’re trading options, the more you know, the better. You can read many books by different authors and then try to reconcile the often conflicting views that comes from a broad range of “expert” authors on this subject. Or, you can get it all in this ONE course from this ONE expert, learning all topics by visual observation as opposed to reading comprehension (always a challenge with a complex financial topic).

2. Price’s Holistic Training Approach

This course is complete, with all of the most important topics to developing a solid options trading foundation covered within. Plus, NOBODY is as passionate about this subject or as good at teaching it than Price Headley.

3. Boost Your Confidence

Price is not a content producer more interested in selling than actually delivering value. Instead, he is a bona-fide options master, who puts every innovation he develops up against the ultimate judge: impartial, quantitative back testing.

4. Profitable Proven Trading Systems

Price’s entire professional life, nearly 20 years, has been in the relentless pursuit of proven systems & models. By owning this comprehensive course, you can enjoy a highly-accelerated knowledge transfer.

5. Go Into the Zone

It can be done in options trading. A highly knowledgeable options trader can get into a groove. The key to getting there is to sharpen up your mind with expert knowledge and then practice everything that works for you.

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Price Headley was inducted into the Traders’ Hall of Fame in 2007 and is the founder of, which provides investors with specific real-time stock and options strategies and investment education to profit from significant market trends. Timer Digest recognized the success of’s investment strategies by ranking Price among the Top 10 Market Timers for stock market timing.Price is also the author of the Investing best-seller, Big Trends in Trading.

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